I will survive

I will survive I will survive, but will he? Personally, I don’t particularly like him, so I’m unsure how I ended up writing about him this morning. However, I guess as prime minister we all give him some thought. A process of brain interaction of sorts. I’m not one for hate. A word I seldom use, a word I encourage everyone not to use, a word that is too powerful. Hence why I didn’t use it. It’s OK to just not like someone, right?  Anyway,…Continue Reading “I will survive”

only in the Uk

New year, new me b#llsh1t! Nah, not today. However, I have promised myself to start producing content here. Transfering the ramblings in my head to paper as it were. Not today. Next week. Yes, I will start next week. You have been warned. I have lot’s to say. I have lots of ramblings to ramble. After all, the last few years have been rather eventful. 1/ Lego 2/ Running 3/ Roast dinners 4/ Ranting 5/ Pet fish (The current top 5 list of things I…Continue Reading “Only in the UK”

Hello world indeed. The beginning has begun and the most private of rants will be unleashed from my private notebook for everyone or no-one to see. Just remember that the everything you read here is just the opinion of one person, the (mad)man, who lives in a (in)sane world. 1/ (red) wine |  2/ (rare) steak | 3/ (brown) sauce | 4/ (satur) day